Once you have your Brand set up on your Profile (if you need help with this then please click here), you will then have the option to include your Brand on your products (if you need help with creating products then please click here).

When creating your product, on the right hand side there is ‘Brand’, if you have more than one Brand saved on your Profile you will be able to use the drop down and select which one you want to use, here it’s called ‘SAMPLE’.

Underneath that, when creating garments you will then have the option for ‘Label’, this is the printed neck label (please note we can only print neck labels in t-shirts & tops, not sweatshirts/hoodies or children’s garments). You will need to have a dark and light neck label uploaded if you’re offering different coloured garments, click the one you want to use and then ‘Create Product’ as normal.

On garments and all other products, if you select your Brand when creating your products we will include a packing slip free of charge which will be included in the packaging.

If you want to see an example of the packing slip we include please download the attachment below.

Updated on 6th March 2019

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