Creating a product on your Two Fifteen account

First of all, make sure you are logged into your account on our website.

Find the product you wish to create and click on it. You are then looking for the Upload your own image icon and clicking on it and uploading any artwork you would like on your product.

Once your image has uploaded, you then have a few options which help you rescale your image and align it. Click on the right arrow to view these options.

Once you have made some changes to your image, you can then preview your design.

If you are happy with the image that you see, you can either choose to ‘Add to Basket’, or ‘Create Product’. Creating a product means you can export it to our store platform, however adding it to your basket means that it is available to purchase.

Your product is now created and should appear in your Products tab.


Updated on 13th March 2018

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