The process to create a product is the same for every item, so once you know how to do it for one the rest are exactly the same.

You need to have your artwork ready to upload beforehand. If you want a template for the product, this can be found on the product listing under the image (see image below):

If you click on the PSD file, it opens up a template for you to use which is the correct size for that item. Alternatively, if you’re just wanting the print dimensions, these are listed in the top right hand corner of the image (for example; for the lumbar cushion pictured above the print size is 355mmx254mm).

There are 7 icons underneath the image of the product. To upload your design you want the 4th icon along (which looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards), this will then let you select your artwork file which will then load up onto the product (in this case, the lumbar cushion) and will load up like the image below:

If you want to see a mock up of your product, you click on the 5th icon along (which looks like an eye), this will pop up a screen to show you a preview of your product:

This is the image that will export to your e-commerce store if you’re integrating your store and linking your products. You can also download the image by clicking on the 5th arrow along (the square box with the down arrow).

If you want to add a print to the reverse of a product, you click on the icon on the far left that is a t-shirt with a rotating arrow, and repeat the above process.


When creating t-shirt products, if you’ve updated your Brand within your Profile, you will have a drop down option on the right hand side (Here is listed as ‘SAMPLE’), which will allow you to select your brand, and will the allow another drop down for you to select the neck label you want to include (see image below):

You then click the neck label you want according to the colour of t-shirt you’re wanting.
For more information on creating your Brand, please click here.

The next option is to add your resale price, this is completely optional and can be changed at any time. When you come to exporting your products to your e-commerce store this is the amount that will transfer across (you can also edit the price on your e-commerce platform too if you prefer).

Then you can include any special instructions that you want to come through as a note to our Production Team (an example is shown in the image below).

There is also an option to include a note on your order when you manually order through your Profile too, for more information on this please click here.

When you’re happy with the product and want to save it to your Profile, you click ‘Create Product’. In the future you can then find this in your Products:

Profile > Products > Click on the design

Updated on 6th March 2019

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