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Choose the sustainable option with Two Fifteen
Choose the sustainable option with Two Fifteen
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With customers on the look out for more environmentally friendly products, now might be the time to consider should you be offering new eco-friendly products to your customers, or switch your existing products to more sustainable vegan or organic options?

With Two Fifteen's print on demand service, the goods are produced as an item is sold, therefore reducing inventory and creating zero waste. It allows the business owner the chance to offer a variety of products and designs without needing to purchase bulk print or purchase stock in advance.

When it comes to direct to garment (DTG) printing: it is much more sustainable than the more traditional print methods like screen printing and vinyl transfer. The DTG printers that Two Fifteen use are environmentally-friendly VEGAN, water-based inks, and the process itself is mostly waterless and highly energy-efficient.


"Eco-friendly" is an all encompassing term that describes products that have little or no damaging effect on the environment. For example, products that are reusable and will replace the more wasteful plastic or paper alternatives. Our custom-printed Tote Bags, Travel Mug, Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Enamel Camping Mugs and Gym Fitness Bottle will make great products in your store that your customers will love. Additionally, our packaging is eco friendly as it contains zero plastic and is bio degradable. You can also browse all of our eco-friendly clothing products here


Two Fifteen offers a variety of Organic clothing manufactured by the Oeko-Tex, GOTS, and PETA certified manufacturers Stanley Stella and Continental Clothing.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. These certifications confirm that the garments have undergone laboratory testing for a wide range of harmful substances, are responsibly manufactured, and also vegan.


As for clothing, Continental Clothing and Stanley Stella, and AWDis are PETA Vegan-Approved garment manufacturers. This means that not only are their products free of any animal-derived components and animal testing but also that their production methods are not harmful to the animals in the surrounding wildlife.

Fair Share

Products showing the FAIR SHARE label from Continental Clothing, carry a small price premium that is passed directly on to the garment workers in India towards their Living Wage.

Just a small increase in the price of the FAIR SHARE garment makes it possible to pay the poorest workers in the factory a wage increase of 50%. From the beginning of 2016 all the workers at the factory making these products in India receive an additional premium towards the living wage. The price premium of 10p per T-shirt and 54p per hoody is passed along the value chain, from the factory through to the retailer without being marked up, ensuring that the small additional cost at the point of sale is returned to the workers in its entirety. It should cover the basic needs of the workers and their families, allow for some savings and must be earned within a 48 hours working week.


One of the certifications that is well-known in the apparel industry is WRAP - Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. WRAP only certifies individual facilities, and the certification confirms that the manufacturer operates in ethical and humane conditions. This is something that goes beyond eco-friendly - you can be sure that these manufacturers are ethically sound and transparent with their supply chains.

Sustainability matters a great deal to Two Fifteen. We are constantly looking at ways to become more eco-friendly and sustainable.

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