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Can i sell my products on eBay and Amazon?
Can i sell my products on eBay and Amazon?

Learn about different selling platforms

Written by Production Team
Updated over a week ago

Yes, Although Two Fifteen dont currently integrate with eBay or Amazon this is something we may look at in the future.

For now if you would like to sell on eBay or Amazon we would ask you to list your items for sale on these platforms and then place either manual orders or upload CSV files through the website once you have received an order.

To do this you would need to follow the steps below...

First you would need to manually list the product for sale on either your website or marketplace. You can download product mockups from the mockup builder and descriptions from our listings to help you build your listing.

After receiving an order for a product on eBay or Amazon you need to find the blank product in the Two Fifteen catalogue and upload the print file.

You would then check out as normal, copy and pasting your customers details into the shipping address fields during checkout.

After paying for the order, the order would then enter production. Once the product has been made and shipped you will receive a shipping notification via email.

You can then mark the item as being shipped.

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