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Learn how to create new products on Two Fifteen

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In this article we are going to learn how to upload your design and create your first Two Fifteen product. We are also going to learn about the handy tools that the product builder has to offer.

First of all you need to login to your Two Fifteen account and head over to the products page. If you haven't created any products yet this page will be empty.

To begin creating products you need to head over to the product catalogue and choose the Two Fifteen blank product that you are going to use to create your first product on.

In this example we are going to use one of the activewear women's tops.

Looking at the page from the top we first can see the brand in bold. If you click this you can see all the other garments from this brand.

The next thing we see is the price. This price is the price that you will pay for your printed product and includes both the blank item price and the cost of printing.

By clicking on the word VAT which is currently showing as including VAT. If you are exempt or you would simply like to see the price listed as ex VAT you can click on the inc VAT to change between how the pricing is shown on the website.

Below this you will see the colours that we offer for this particular garment. As you select a different colour the mock-up will respond changing the colour of the garment.

Below you can see the sizes that we offer in each colour.

When creating a product you only need to create the product once for each design, you dont need to create it for each colour and size. During the export window later you will select which colours and sizes you would like to offer along with your resale price so for now you can ignore this.

The special instructions box can also be ignored.

Using the mock-up builder

First of all you click the upload button

on the product builder and select the artwork from your computer that you wish to upload.

Once uploaded you can move the design around on the screen and position it how you would like within the dotted box. The dotted area represents the maximum print size available.

By clicking the small arrows at the bottom of the screen you can navigate through all of the tools on offer helping you align your design.

When uploading your image it is important to use a transparent PNG file. The artwork should be 300 dpi in RGB format.

Clicking the eye button (5th button) will show you a full screen preview of your design.

The download button is the 6th button, this will allow you to download high res images of your designed mocked up on the product.

The very far left hand button if shown allows you to spin the t shirt to the back and upload a design on the back of the garment.

Please note that adding a back print will increase the cost of a product.

Saving your product

Once you have previewed your design and are happy with the finished product you can either add the design to your basket or you can click create product.

Once a product has been created it will be shown in your saved products area.

From here you can click view products on a design and begin to export the product off to your store by clicking the box with the arrow to the right.

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