Adding credits to your account

Learn how to add credits to your Two Fifteen account

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When you receive an order it wont enter our production queue until payment has been made. If you would prefer you can set up automatic payments. This means when a customer orders from your store providing you have enough credits in your wallet, the order will automatically pass through to us and enter production without any delay. It works similar to a prepaid mobile phone.

How to add in credits

At the top of the homepage there is a black banner with the words Balance and a reference to your current balance. If you click on your balance it will take you to the balance page.

Alternatively you can click here

From here you can add in the amount of credits you would like to purchase. You can then choose your payment method.

You need to click the tick box approving that payment will be deducted from my credits automati­cally when order received from external system.

Now, when an order is received from an external integration if you have enough credits in your balance the order will automatically enter into production and your balance will be deducted.

If you do not have enough credits your orders will sit in your unpaid order queue awaiting payment. Once you have topped up your credits you will need to go to your unpaid order queue and manually click on each of these orders and click pay by credits. Once you have done this the orders will enter production.

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