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Create and export new Etsy products
Create and export new Etsy products

Learn how to create new products on Two Fifteen and export to Etsy

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Once you have installed the Two Fifteen Etsy app you will be ready to start creating products.

To create products you'll first need to make sure your logged in to your Two Fifteen account.

Creating new products

Once signed in you can browse our product catalogue and find a product that you wish to add to your store. For this example we are going to use one of the women's activewear tops.

Uploading your design

When you click onto a particular product page our product builder will load up on the left hand side. Underneath the product you will see 7 small icons. These icons are used to create your product.

The first icon that you will need to click is the upload icon. This is the 4th icon and has an arrow pointing up. Click this button and find the print file.

Your print file should be in PNG format at 300dpi.

Once you have uploaded your print file you can move the image around until you are happy with the design of your product.

Once uploaded you can move the design around on the screen and position it how you would like within the dotted box. The dotted area represents the maximum print size available.

By clicking the small arrows at the bottom of the screen you can navigate through all of the tools on offer helping you align your design.

When uploading your image it is important to use a transparent PNG file. The artwork should be 300 dpi in RGB format.

Clicking the eye button (5th button) will show you a full screen preview of your design.

The download button is the 6th button, this will allow you to download high res images of your designed mocked up on the product.

The very far left hand button if shown allows you to spin the t shirt to the back and upload a design on the back of the garment.

Please note that adding a back print will increase the cost of a product.

Saving and exporting your product

Once you have previewed your design and are happy with the finished product you can click create product.

Once a product has been created it will be shown in your saved products area.

From here you can click view products on a design and begin to export the product off to your store by clicking the box with the arrow to the right.

This page allows you to add in all of your product information so that it can be exported to Etsy.
โ€‹Title: The title of your product as it will appear on Etsy.

Description: This is the description your customers will see when browsing your Etsy product page. We fill this with important manufacturer information. Its likely that you will want to add to this information and personalise it with information regarding your product and its unique design.

Brand: In your brand profile some customers choose to have more than one brand within a store. This is especially useful if you have different colour pallets for men and women. If you have set up more than one brand use this field to select which brand you'd like to use for this product.

Label: This is where you would select which of your printed neck labels you wish to use for this product. Not every product allows a printed label so if the product doesn't have this section then unfortunately this product doesn't allow labels.

Resale price: Enter the price you'd like to sell this product at in your Etsy store.

Published: Use this box to let us know whether you would like this product published as soon as it's imported to your Etsy store. If you untick this box then the product will be saved as a draft product on Etsy.

Product Options: This is where you will add in the sizes and colours that you wish to offer. This will create your product variants within Etsy. You can have as many colours and sizes as you wish. Once added they will appear in the 'Variations for Import' box.

Once you're happy with your product details and variants, click the Import to Etsy button. As the product builder is now creating the product listings, and the mockups this may take up to a minute. When the import has completed, the button will change to View on Etsy.

**If you have not yet added in any variants the import to Etsy button will remain grey and you wont be able to click it. Once you have added in the variants the button will be blue. All products need to have at least one variant**

You will then be able to click view and see your product live on Etsy.

Once you have exported the product to Etsy you can make future edits to things like the product description, title, price etc directly on Etsy.

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