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How do i set up shipping rates on my Wix store?
How do i set up shipping rates on my Wix store?

Learn how to setup shipping profiles on your Wix store

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Setting up shipping, delivery, and pickup rules can be one of the more complicated aspects of creating an online store. This article will walk you through the setup process from selecting shipping regions to choosing shipping and delivery rules.

After your rules are in place, your customers will be able to select how they want to receive their order.

By default Wix Stores comes with two regions already added: One for your own country (the "Domestic" region), and one for the rest of the world (the "International" region). Both offer free shipping by default.

From this starting point, you can decide which countries (or regions within countries) you want to ship to.

Important: To sell in a region, there must be a shipping rule that applies. For example, if you don't have a shipping rule that covers Spain, Spanish customers are not able to check out.

You will need to decide whether you are going to offer free shipping or whether you are going to charge for shipping. You will also need to decide which services you want to offer. You can find our shipping rates here. You can decide to match our shipping rates or set your own.

The price we charge you for shipping remains constant but you can decide whether to match our rate or be higher or lower. You need to make sure that there is a postage rate profile set for each country that you want to ship to.

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