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Setup your brand profile on Squarespace
Setup your brand profile on Squarespace

Learn how to setup your brand profile on Squarespace

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Once you have installed the Two Fifteen app to your Squarespace Store its a good time to setup your Brand profile. We suggest doing this before creating and exporting products as this will ensure that both printed inside neck labels and packing slips are setup correctly.

To setup your brand you need to head to the profile section at the top of the homepage and then click into brands on the left hand side and then click Edit brand.

Packing Slips

Packing slips are included free with your orders and contain information that you add in this section along with details of the products contained in the order.

They can be fully customised to your brand. You have the ability to upload a logo and change the colours to match your brand. You also have fields where you can specify a thankyou message, add in your customer service contact details and also add in any social media links.

The first step is to upload your logo. We suggest that you use a PNG image for best results.

After uploading your logo you can then add in your customer service contact details. You can upload as much detail here as you wish. As we don't handle the returns process for your customers orders this is where you would let customers know your returns address if you accept returns.

Once you have filled in your customer service contact details its time to start to personalise the packing slip.

Here you can alter the look and feel of your packing slip.

The first section is brand colour, you can either add in the HEX value or pick the colour from the colour slider.

The second section allows you to personalise the packing slip with your customers name. By using the tags you can have the packing slip say your customers name.

You then also have fields for adding in a custom message and also a featured message. These are great for letting customers know a little more about your brand and also any promotions or competitions you may be running.

The last section of the packing slip is the social media section. Here you can select the social media icons you would like to show on your packing slip and add in your social media handle. This is a great tool to show your customers where they can find and follow you.

Once you have finished customising your packing slip you can choose from the three themes available and see a live preview of your completed packing slip. This will show you what your customers will receive with their order.

As you can see on the preview, there is no mention of Two Fifteen, there is also no details of what you as a client have paid and no billing details. Packing slips are printed on white A4 paper.

Once you have selected your template click the Save changes button.

Your packing slips are now setup. They will be included in all orders placed through the Squarespace integration. As we print the packing slips at the point of dispatch, any changes that you make to your packing slips will be applied immediately and will apply for any orders that have not yet been shipped.

Neck Labels

Printed inside neck labels are a great addition to your t-shirt and allow you to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers mind. They are printed the same way that we print the designs on your t-shirt and are printed using our direct to garment printers (DTG)

We turn the t-shirt inside out and print onto the surface of the tshirt fabric.

They can be printed in full colour up to a maximum size of 8x8cm.

Each printed neck label costs £1.51 each

Not all products are suitable for neck labels. You can see a breakdown of which garments are suitable for neck label printing using the filter on the clothing page. Alternatively click the button below.

Not all clothing products can have a printed neck label. Certain products such as hoodies and sweatshirts have a fluffy inside which make them unsuitable to print onto. Additionally certain garments we are unable to print onto the inside neck due to the width of the neck print area. This applies to garments such as kids clothing, certain vests and baby grows.

To upload a neck label head to profile > brands > neck labels.

From here you can upload your printed neck label. The maximum size we can print is 8 x 8 cm. We suggest you upload your design file at 300 dpi and as a PNG.

In terms of the design, most customers opt for their brand logo. You can incorporate other information such as washing instructions, country of origin. We suggest to have both a light version and a dark version of the printed neck label. Just like when printing on a t-shirt certain colours show up better on certain colour fabrics so bear this in mind when designing your labels.

Once you have uploaded your neck labels you will be able to select them when creating a t-shirt.

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