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Can i sell personalised products with Two Fifteen?
Can i sell personalised products with Two Fifteen?

Learn how to sell personalised products with Two Fifteen

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The automatic integrations that Two Fifteen offer are designed for products that you design on the Two Fifteen website and offer for sale to your customer as a fixed design with no personalisation.

Its often asked whether its possible to let the end customer personalise their products with their own designs or photos.

Following the steps below it is possible to manually list a product for sale and offer your customer personalisation options.

For this to work you need to manually list the product for sale on either your website or marketplace,

After receiving an order for a personalised product you would receive your customers personalisation details and prepare your artwork on your computer.

Once you have finished artwork you need to find the blank product in the Two Fifteen catalogue and upload the print file.

You would then check out as normal, copy and pasting your customers details into the shipping address fields and pay for the order.

The order would then enter production. Once the product has been made and shipped you will receive a shipping notification.

You can then mark the item as being shipped and complete either on your website or marketplace.

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