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How do i set up my shipping rates on WooCommerce?
How do i set up my shipping rates on WooCommerce?

Learn how to setup your shipping profiles

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This guide will discuss the various options you have when setting up your Shipping rates on WooCommerce and how to implement them.

The rate that you pay Two Fifteen for shipping is fixed by our app. It takes into account both the country that you are shipping to, how many items are in the order and for international orders whether the order is sent tracked or untracked.

You have the option to either mirror the rates set by Two Fifteen or setup your own rates whether that be more or less or whether you would like to offer free postage. The price you pay Two Fifteen remains the same but how much your customer pays depends on what you setup.

Start by navigating to WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping in your dashboard, which contains your options for Shipping Zones. A shipping zone is a geographical area that you ship to, defined by countries, regions, states, and zip codes. Set up shipping zones to define different rates based on customers’ locations.

shipping zones setup in WooCommerce

To assign shipping methods to zones, click Add Shipping Method. Choose Flat Rate or Free Shipping and select the options and pricing you’d like for each one.

Select the Shipping Classes tab and create whatever classes you’d like, and edit each of your products to assign them to a class. To finish, set the shipping rate for each class in your shipping zone settings. Find out more about shipping classes.

WooCommerce will only allow a customer to checkout so its important to ensure that you have shipping set up for all of the countries you wish to ship to. The rates that Two Fifteen charge for shipping can be seen here

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