Create and Integrate new Etsy Products

To be able to make the product link from Two Fifteen and Etsy, you must have your products created in your Two Fifteen account. If you need any help in creating your products, please click here.

Once you have some products created, you can then link them to your Etsy store. To do this, head to your products on Two Fifteen. This is where you will see all the designs that you have used to create your products. Find the product that you wish to export and click on the Export Button.

On the next page, it allows you to change the name, description and price of the product that you want to appear on your Shopify store. You can also add in your brand at this point.

Once you are happy with all of this information, click ‘Export to Etsy’.

Your products should now be available to view on Etsy.


Updated on 27th March 2018

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