Credits is the easiest payment method if you’ve integrated your e-commerce store and want the process as automated as possible. There is no minimum amount to upload, customers tend to start with a lower amount (e.g £20) to test the system and see how it all works, then when they’re more comfortable will pre-load in bulk (e.g £500) to ensure that there are always funds available for orders.

To add credits, when you’re logged into your 215 profile you will see your name on the top left, and a Balance next to it. Click on the Balance and it will take you to the Add Credits page (see image below). Here you add your billing address, select how you would like to pay for your Credits and the amount, and click Buy.

Note: Ensure you tick the box to approve automatic deduction of credits when orders are placed. This legally gives us permission to use your credits for any future orders placed. This has to be ticked each time to purchase credits on your Profile.

If there are insufficient credits in your account when an order is placed, it will sit in the Unpaid Orders section of your Profile.

Profile > Unpaid Orders

If you do want the order fulfilling you will have to manually pay for this order with any of our available payment methods. The system will only try to use your credits as payment once.

Updated on 5th March 2019

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