Integrating your Etsy store

To integrate your Etsy store with us, you must be logged in to your Etsy account. You must also have an account on our Two Fifteen website. To sign in or register click here.

Once you are signed in to your Two Fifteen account, click ‘Profile’ tab at the top and then the ‘Integrations’ tab on the left hand side.

Find the Etsy section and then click ‘Connect to Etsy’.

Please remember you must be logged into your Etsy store account on another tab.

You must then activate the integration by clicking ‘Activate Integration’.

You should then be directed onto Etsy, where you should see your store name appear at the top. Make sure you take care and read all of the permissions you are allowing Two Fifteen to have. If you are happy with these, click ‘Allow Access’.


If the integration has been successful, then you should see this.

Congratulations, your Etsy account is now linked to your Two Fifteen account.



Updated on 27th March 2018

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