Integrating your WooCommerce account with Two Fifteen

When integrating your Woocommerce store to your Two Fifteen account, we automatically receive your order and fulfill it. With doing this, we automatically receive all artwork and your customers shipping address.

For the integration to successfully work and for us to automatically fulfill your orders, we must first link your WooCommerce store to your Two Fifteen account.

To do this, head to your profile, and then click on the Integrations Tab.

You them click on ‘Link to your shop’, which can be found under the WooCommerce section.

It will then ask you to input your WooCommerce store URL. You should then click on ‘Connect’.

Once your WooCommerce store has successfully connected to your Two Fifteen account, you should now see this under the Integrations tab.

You have now successfully set up your WooCommerce integration with Two Fifteen.


Updated on 16th May 2018

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