When you register with us, you can edit your brand to have packing slips included in your orders, and this is also where you can add your artwork for neck labels:

Profile > Brands > Create/Edit Brand

Packing Slips

Here you can upload your Brand logo, add your telephone number & e-mail address, and there’s also space for you to add a message that will be included at the bottom of your packing slip, see image below:

The packing slips will include your logo in the top corner, along with a list of the items in your customers order (no prices), and your contact details & message at the bottom.

The most popular messages include; a thank you note for you customer, a discount code for their next order or a hashtag for them to include on social media posts.

If you update these details, we include packing slips free of charge.
To see an example of how our packing slips look please download the attachment below.

Neck Labels

This is where you upload your artwork you want printed as a neck label. The size of printed is 2×2 inches, and we recommend keeping them simple; your brand logo tends to be perfect for this. If you’re wanted to offer light and dark garments, then you will need to keep in mind that you’ll have to have a light and dark neck label so when it’s printed it will be visible.

Once you’ve updated your neck labels, when you click on a garment to edit it there will be a drop down option available for you to select your neck label to be added to the item. Neck Labels are £1.44 + VAT per garment.

Please note: We can only print neck labels in t-shirts and tops, not sweatshirts & hoodies or children’s clothing.

You can also create more than one brand, so if you have multiple ranges with different brands you can include them all on your one Profile.

Updated on 6th March 2019

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