Setting up your brand on EKM

Once you have successfully integrated your EKM store to your Two Fifteen account, you can then create a Brand unique to your store.

Head to the Brands page, and click Edit brand.

Packing Slips

On this page you can input your store’s/brand’s name, contact information such as a phone number and email address and a personalised message to your customer, which will appear on your packing slip.

At Two Fifteen, packing slips are included in all orders free as standard. They only contain the information that you have inserted on the branding page, as well as the details of order items.

Brand Labels

On this page, you also have the option to upload any brand labels to your profile. Brand labels are DTG printed on the back of neck, and are available to a maximum size of 8x8cm. Please note that each printed label costs £1.44 on top of the price of a garment. However, these labels are optional.

You can potentially put what you want on a neck label, but we advise putting your brand logo on them, and/or size, care instructions, and garment materials.

Once you have inserted your information into the fields on this page, click the Update button to save your brand information to your profile.

To see how to apply the branding to your products click here.

Updated on 13th March 2018

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